DareDevil and Fun City are finally back!

last week was a very unexpected and devastating week for New York. Hurricane sandy started off being sort of a fun vacation for me, at least for the first day or two and quickly became something entirely different. If you are from New York, you know that both fun city and daredevil were without power for several days along with most residences and businesses below 34th street. it wasn’t fun being away from work for that long. since i am so new at tattooing I felt like maybe i was forgetting everything that i had learned! not being able to work is such a miniscule thought when you look at how much damage this hurricane caused though. so many places that i grew up in, and with, are now completely destroyed and under water. its crazy to think that just a couple months ago i was in rockaway beach and in coney island riding the wonder wheel.

The day after the hurricane hit, we went into the city at night. it was so scary  to be in one of the brightest cities in the world, in the complete darkness. all you could hear were sirens and car alarms, it was unreal. we came in to check on the shops and make sure there was no damage, then we explored a bit.

I’m so thankful that we got so lucky with no damage and power restored so quick but, there are so many people who are in need of help right now. if you are able to donate or volunteer, please do.

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